The story of Dual-Coma begins with a meeting of Czubaka and Lechu. They’ve met in march 2004 in an old, abandoned garage. These times no one would ever imagine that DC will be growing so fast. In july 2005 drummer Senator has sealed his place in bands squad, and in 2007 Bartek has closed the list of members of Dual-Coma. From this time Dual-Coma became the fulfilled dream and until now there has been no change in bands squad.

First period of Dual-Coma history (2004-2006) was running under the creation of songs and learning how to cooperate to bring something new and creative to music. This was the time of COMA, there were lots of members going in and out, lots of ideas thrown away and lots of concepts to be put in practice. This time was ended by recording first demo CD “Decode The Human” and some material for the next demo “Program H.A.T.E.”. There were lots of live shows, first reviews and interviews, radio editions also first triumphs like a show in polish commercial TV4 (Programs “Big Brother 4 Show” and “Wife Switch”).

Year 2008 brought with it the new Dual-Coma. Gathered experience made all members more determined and. In this time music style was qualified as post-metalcore and that classification remains valid to this day. This is the time of hard work under promotion, songs, image, shows organization, hundreds of CD’s send all over the world, hours in studios playing and composing every single part of our music. This period brought to Dual-Coma independence and much more determination. In this time showed up the “Program H.A.T.E.” demo and “Bulletproof Heart” single, which were the implication of first phonographic success - the official “Reprogrammed H.A.T.E” album emitted at the beginning of 2009 by Let THEM comE Productions. In the middle of 2009 there also shows, the emitted in USA “Downtown Metal” which contain DC song “Bulletproof Heart”.

Dual-Coma played the series of live shows with lots of known and respected (and not) bands, participated in extremely large amounts of various events and there could be seen the growing public at tours. Year 2009 was also the time of composing the material for “Wake Me Up” promo also emitted by the LTC Productions. That was the shape of a band that we always wanted to be… that was a plan for war, and the very good one! No one would ever imagine that the voices of DC band would suddenly die down for one year. And so… year 2010 is a second COMA in bands history.

In 2011 Dual-Coma began serious work on material gathered in 2010 and 2011, it was the incredible amount of ideas and guitar riffs, electronics samples, also there showed up many new possibilities of the three singers at our disposal. They all would be heard soon in our new album “The Diary” which tells the twisted story of our life and our passion.